With ios 14.5 beta 6, apple has integrated a new tool to recalibrate the battery of the iphone 11, 11 pro and 11 pro max. Apple has recognized the presence of a bug that plagues only these 3 models of smartphones that prevents you from displaying the exact percentage of battery capacity. We are not talking about the residual battery level after a working day or just awake but battery health, that is the data that you can view in battery settings > battery status > battery status.

Apple shows the residual health percentage within the settings but on the 3 models of iphone 11 this data is incorrectly calculated. Thanks to the new battery recalibration tool, many users who are using the beta version of ios 14.5 have known that they have found benefits. Apple declares that the wrong number does not really reflect on the battery life but many users are complaining of this claim because after recalibration they found a longer battery life.

Know that among the novelties of ios 14.5 there is also this and if you have any model of iphone 11, from April 20 you can also use the battery recalibration tool.