Today too many news related to apples have been published, but some of these are considered “minor news” and we have not dedicated an article to itself. We start immediately with the review of the day:apple expands fitness+ with new workoutsfitness+ service is unfortunately not available in Italy but apple continues to evolve. Trainings for pregnant people, older people and beginners have been added today.

Apple fitness+ is one of the most promising services launched by the company and today’s update makes you understand how much apple is intended to develop services, after last week’s news about the expansion of apple arcade. New apple fund of 200 thousand dollars for forests able to absorb carbon dioxidealways from apple a news that sees an investment of 200 million dollars for a “Restoration Fund” dedicated to forests. The same applies also to smartphone manufacturers who just fail to get adequate supplies of chips.

Tsmc, the main supplier of apple, lets know that this crisis will continue in 2022 but the company is working at a good pace so there should be no big problems. At the moment you are investing on 3nm chips that should be used by apple in 2022.