google has recently begun to test on chrome a way of tracking users in chrome using a new web technology called federated learning of cohorts (floc), which is replacing third-party cookies. According to google, this system respects the privacy of people more than third-party cookies but not all agree. In response, duckduckgo, good, ublock origin and vivaldi have all announced that they will disable the floc tracking of google, defining it a “pass in the wrong direction”.

Basically, the google floc system replaces third-party cookies by grouping chrome users based on their demographic interests and data but not as individuals. Google states that it is a better alternative to third-party cookies, but privacy supporters disagree. Disagreement seems to focus on the fact that google does not get consent before monitoring users but starts it automatically.

Duckduckgo explains in this way some of the privacy issues on floc on his blog:with floc, simply browsing the web, you are automatically inserted into a group based on your browsing history (“cohort”). Good said in response to google practices, removed floc tracking in desktop and android versions.