Clubhouse, as he most often reiterated, does not take money through payments . The app is only on app store where there are precise commission rules regarding “in-app” purchases. In practice, these are an exception to donations for which even apples are not due: the money a user gives is (almost) what a creator receives.

The service, we remember, is realized in collaboration with stripe that carry out the processing of payments holding a small commission. A little more than a week after the launch of payments, clubhouse users are already over 65,000 in the United States who have the opportunity to accept payments from their supporters. To assert it was paul davison, one of the co-founders of the social platform, during the usual weekly appointment with the community.

By May, however, clubhouse should also release a version for android opening the doors to many new users. Next April 23, the first 60 finalists of the creator first program will be announced to date, with over 5,000 interested parties.