As already underlined in other articles, apple is committing a lot to block advertising tracking, first through safari and then also in applications because it is basically not a business from which it benefits. On the contrary, it is doing nothing to limit the millions of dollars that are spent improperly by users through fraudulent applications and fleeceware. The user sees the application, downloads and is immediately invited to subscribe.

Subscriptions always have crazy prices compared to what is offered, but urgently needing that function and having read hundreds of positive reviews, many people fall and make the purchase. The case we will examine in this article is only one in several thousand. The kosta eleftheriou developer has discovered the application my Pulse-Heart rate monitor, a very simple app but that actually works so apple did not make mistakes to approve it, however there is a particular.

The purpose of the app is to monitor a person’s heart rate by placing his finger on the flash. The combination of light that crosses the finger with the combined use of the camera, can show on the screen an actual estimate of what is the heartbeat. The question is that in app store there are thousands of applications with this function and most of them are completely free.

On this figure apple holds 30% of commissions, earning “passively” the beauty of 300 thousand dollars. There are thousands of applications with the same function that are offered free of charge, but the user who bought it obviously does not, found this from the results of the search app store and, trusting reviews, bought it. In addition, apple may make subscriptions clearer, for example by sending notifications to users before automatic renewals.

If apple has so strongly aligned against the advertising tracking decision to block it with the upcoming ios 14.5, then why does not move a finger in front of all this? In a document on the att published by the company, is quoted steve jobs with this phrase:Ask. Until they tell you to stop because you are tired of hearing it ask.

Accurately explains to people what you will do with their data. Then why is nothing asked before a subscription renewal? Many apps offer a free trial period first and then immediately after the subscription.

With a tap on these notifications you could directly reach the section from which you can cancel a subscription or end the trial period before you start paying. You could do so many things with ideas and systems that the company certainly does not miss! We end the article with a clarification (doverous:) the way apple works is not absolutely illegal, but it is not illegal even the advertising tracking also because it happens anonymously on the IDFA.

Ask every time until they tell you to stop.