In view of the imminent launch of ios, ipados and tvos 14.5, tim cook has released an interview in which he confirmed that apple “is not contrary to digital advertising” but simply believes that users should have greater control and greater transparency regarding tracking by the app for advertising purposes. We are not against digital advertising. I think that digital advertising will still thrive, in every situation, since we spend more and more time online and less watching classic TV.

Digital advertising will be fine in any situation. Cook also reiterated that for apple that privacy is a “fundamental human right” and that also other privacy regulations will end up aligning. We are aware that there is more information about you on your phone than there are in your home.

Your bank documents, your medical records, your conversations with friends and family, colleagues at work: all this information is on your phone. And therefore we feel a huge sense of responsibility in helping users from the point of view of privacy and security. Last week, we remember, were released beta 7 of ios, ipados and tvos 14.5, watchos 7.4 and macos 11.3.

In addition to the app tracking transparency feature, other features are also coming including the ability to unlock iphone even when wearing a mask, provided you have an apple watch on your wrist.