huawei appgallery is the alternative app store at the google play store and is growing. Together with new apps, unfortunately, also the first malware. At least 10 infected appsthe version of joker detected in the store appgallery of huawei behaves similar to the counterpart of the play store: It is a Trojan that hides in apparently harmless apps.

To shed light on the story are the security researchers of doctor web who have identified no less than ten malicious apps inserted in appgallery: These are virtual keyboard apps, camera, launcher, messaging, games or simple sticker collections. Eight of the ten apps were created by a shanxi kuailaipai network technology developer, two by 何’ (this is the name reported in the store.) Huawei intervenesafter the investigation of doctor web, huawei intervened to eliminate malicious apps and pointed out that it will lead further investigations to minimize the risks that these apps reappear in the future.

To have a reference parameter, the system of automatic controls of the play store has removed about 1,700 apps infected by joker (given updated at the beginning of 2020.) True is that huawei appgallery is not as widespread as the play store, but if the phenomenon of malware should take foot another difficult battle scenario.