The second novelty is a new air capture technology, a fully sealed hepa 13 filtration system : dyson engineers have adopted a forensic approach to obtain a completely sealed device, creating high-pressure seals in 24 other critical points to prevent the dirty air from spilling filters and bringing pollutants into the room. From the same date will be available also the two brothers of the same type, always with golden finish, that is the dyson purifier cool formaldehyde and the dyson purifier Hot+Cool formaldehyde. Already available on the online store instead the dyson purifier cool (599 euros) and dyson purifier Hot+Cool (649 euros).

The whole new range connects to the dyson link app, and they also have activation with voice control with google home, alexa and – novelty – siri. As always – place that the base is purification – the devices with cool words emit fresh air, while those Hot+Cool also have the option warm air, a bit like a thermoventilator but, in this case, enriched by all filters and dyson technology.