When talking about custom rom aosp in the android world, the first thing that comes to mind is lineargeos. This is because this Roma is not only the most known but is also the most exploited for the creation of unofficial ports. In this regard we want to introduce you to the new descendant xi, custom rom based on the android 11 aosp code that adds some very interesting software linked to the safety of the person.

Specifically, the developer of descendant xi has emphasized that his rom allows to exploit the smartphone as a security device through the so called emergency mode. It, assuming it has been configured with the necessary information, will send the location to the contacts chosen to warn them that you are in danger. If the person who needs help moves and its gps coordinates change, another message will be sent with the location just acquired to the chosen contacts.

If the emergency is resolved by the user’s interaction, another message will be sent by communicating that the emergency condition has ceased. This mode is always accessible from the lockscreen minus one page or, for configuration purposes, from settings -> descendant health.