During the experimental period, that is what started with the release of the first beta of ios 14.5, the users who did not allow the apps to make the tracking are many, almost 100% to tell the truth. According to the estimates of adweek instead, when ios 14.5 will be released to all, will be about 68% users who will deny consent to the tracking. No tools are provided to understand something more about you, so in principle click on allow only benefit your navigation, viewing more interesting things.

Adweek cannot provide for it with certainty but through surveys it seems that only 32% of users will give their consent. The percentage will rise to 40% for those apps that users trust, believe safe or use for a long time. However, it is expected that more and more applications will abandon the freemium formula, i.e.

Banners in applications will continue to appear, the only difference will be what is shown in these banners. Do you deny anything or do you think about it from time to time?