It is not a secret that apple maintains a series of proprietary products and services to prevent its users from being able to oufruit even on competing platforms, but few have had the same success as imessage. In preparation for the process that will begin on May 3, epic games presented an extract containing rhinestones that demonstrate how the apple executive team made an intentional decision to limit imessage to the apple platforms. The following statements were taken from the document officially submitted by epic games:58. apple has recognized the power of imessage to attract and maintain users within its ecosystem.

Already in 2013, apple decided not to develop an imessage version for the android operating system. Cue testified that Apple “would have created an Android version that would work with ios” so that “we would have been” compatibility crossed with the ios platform and that it would allow users of both platforms to exchange messages without problems”. C. however, craig federighi, senior vice president of software engineering of apple and manager responsible for ios, feared that “iMessage on android would simply serve to remove an obstacle to iphone families offering their children Android phones”.

D. phil schiller, an Apple manager responsible for the App store, agreed that apple should not offer imessage on android devices. E. in 2016, when a former Apple employee commented that “the most difficult reason to leave the apple universe is imessage. Imessage is a serious blockade.

Mr. Schiller commented that” move imessage on android will damage us more than help us, this email explains why “. In short, what everyone suspected now was published in the light of the day thanks to the legal battle that epic games embarked on with apple.