Despite using the same soc of many other top-of-the-range smartphones, as more and more oneplus 9 pro end up in the hands of customers, we are witnessing reports that this model may be subject to overheating, especially during photo shooting or video recording. According to what we learned, the overheating of oneplus 9 pro can occur in a handful of different circumstances, although the use of the camera seems to be the most common one. ”#oneplus9proThis is the last thing you want to see when ur out taking pictures.

However, we are not faced with a new case of Qualcomm snapdragon 810, where the problem of overheating was due to a series of errors in the hardware design of the soc. Fortunately it seems that it is not a hardware problem, since oneplus, already aware of the bug that causes overheating (probably a error in the code that always makes the cpu go 100%,) indicates that it will be resolved with updates in the coming weeks.