Pharmacy 0,99€ getOne of the things we devote less willingly is to keep the medicines we have in order, check the deadlines and so on. Pharmacostore is an application that can provide real support in this operation. It is already number #1 in the ranking of the most downloaded applications in the category “Medicina” inside the Italian App store.

Pharmacostore allows you to monitor the drawer of your drugs directly from your smartphone. And how many times you didn’t buy it, thinking you had it and then you realized it was gone or it wasn’t at all? The application allows you to store all the medicines you have at home, indicating also quantity and expiry date.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, a month before the expiry of a drug the application will send you a notification. , without so having to search every time in the bag when you are in the pharmacy. 15 codes for downloading the app for free to faster usersthe developer has provided us with 15 redeem codes that will allow 15 users faster deployment to download the application for free from the App store.

We will publish the 15 codes on the @sconomize telegram channel at 20:00 in point. You can join the channel from here or, if you do not have telegrams, you can access it from the web.