In these days we are talking a lot about the 533 million phone numbers and other personal information subtracted to facebook and made public online. It is one of the most clamorous leaks ever in history but facebook washes his hands and has the courage to say that it is not his fault. In a long article published by mike clark, the facebook product management director, the company explains:the malicious did not get this data by hacking facebook systems but managed to get them before September 2019 through scraping practices.

This statement is absolutely true, in the sense that the company’s servers were not violated, but if scraping happened successfully the fault continues to remain facebook that had not foreseen adequate limitations. To understand the speech it is necessary to understand first what is scraping. This is obviously an abuse but when facebook structured the service would have had to implement also a limit in the size of the column and the number of searchable contacts.

Not doing so, he created a security breach whose fault can only be attributed to them. Facebook at the time answered him saying that they would evaluate if to put limits in the future but it is evident that the thing was not really considered. The company never cared about protecting users but wanted to create as many connections as possible to increase the use of social networks.

The privacy guarantor asked facebook to notify users who were victims of a data breach. The company for the moment is refusing but, in our little one, we try to notify it to users who read the application through this article. Another accusation towards facebook concerns the lack of information of the data collection of users with commercial purposes.

In this case the competition and market authority has managed to force facebook to show a message to all users. In this way, consumers have induced to register on the facebook platform, also emphasising the gratuitousness of the service. This practice was incorrectly assessed, pursuant to Articles 21 and 22 of Legislative Decree no.

The Authority has prepared the publication of this amending declaration pursuant to Article 27 of the Consumer Code.