On yesterday’s day, apple released its find my network, a service that will allow all users to find lost objects using a new integrated technology in various devices coming to the market. Apple seems to have further slipped the marketing of its airtags however, through the 3 third-party accessories presented by apple and that will be available from the end of May, we can already understand how it will work. We start from the vanmoof bicycle that will have the chip integrated into it.

At the start of the official app we can connect to the bike and then add it to the application Where it is through a special button. In case we do not remember the precise location where we left the bike, we can start a very strong sound to identify it. In case of theft or loss, instead, we can enter “Lost Mode” so that the network find my can help us find it.

From the last sentence we can understand that the network will only come into operation when we activate the “Smart” mode and this is precisely the peculiar feature of the system thought by apple. We can therefore expect a similar battery life for airtags, but in the apple universe it is difficult to imagine that the battery can be replaced as on the one spot chipolo. Some noises not long ago said that apple airtags will cost about $39 each.