It is from him that the noise related to the new design of icons in ios 15 will take a style similar to that of big sur but today published a new tweet in which he speaks of ipad pro. We are all waiting for the new ipads and a new apple event in April but apparently there will be no event. The iPad pro in fact, with its new magic keyboard, is scheduled for next Tuesday, April 13 and will be announced simply through a press release.

Release a new product through a press release does not mean that it will be unimportant. Also last year the new ipads were announced through a press release, the same is touched to the macbook air, iphone se and airpods max. Apple no longer holds an event for every new product.

Press release for ipad pro + magic keyboard next yoursday. — leaksapplepro (@leaksapplepro) april 6, 2021In fact, there will be many new features of these models, beginning with the mini led display with greater brightness, thunderbolt 3 technology in the connector, an improved camera, 5g support and a more powerful chip.