Have appeared online in these hours on the official store huawei and on amazon the new matbook x pro 2021 and matbook d15 2021. This is basically the refresh of the models marketed last year updated with the new 11th generation intel processors (mathebook x pro 2020 review). The new processors are not many in fact the differences between 2020 models, both from the design point of view and in terms of specifications.

Matbook d15 2021we immediately take a look at the cheapest model, i.e. The matbook d15 2021. The aluminium chassis remains unchanged, as well as the dimensions remain almost identical.

We talk about 357.8 x 229.9 x 16.9 mm for a weight of 1,56 kg. The only configuration currently available is the one just described with 11th generation i5 cores and is offered at a price of 899 euros. Matbook x pro 2021the highest-end model is as always the matbook x pro 2021 which, as a matbook d15, remains practically identical from the aesthetic point of view but updates some of the internal components.

As for matbook d15 you pass to the eleventh generation intel cpus and two different configurations will be available. The first is equipped with i7-1165G7 cores while the second, slightly less powerful, offers an i5-1135G7 core, both equipped with iris kse graphics cards. As usual, the webcam is hidden under one of the keyboard keys and we have the power button that integrates the reader for fingerprint recognition.

The only model currently available in Italy on the huawei store is the one with i7 core that will be available from tomorrow.