Google I/O is one of the highlights of the technological calendar of any android fan. This year it is not safe enough for a conference in person, but the company is quite prepared for a virtual google I/O 2021. The Google I/O page is now online and updated with new information, traditionally sumptuous, asking visitors to solve a series of programming puzzles to reveal their secrets.

If you do not have patience, we will tell you that it will be held on 18, 19 and 20 May. The google I/O 2021 will be an event where anyone will be free to “participate” remotely, which does not change the status quo, since the live sessions of I/O were always recorded and streamed for those who could not afford tickets and trips. With the United States rapidly implementing hundreds of millions of covid vaccinations, the I/O google could return to a person event next year, as well as the apple wwdc and facebook f8.