Apple’s patent aims to solve this aspect, thanks to a new algorithm that evaluates different elements, including the location of the smartphone, the typical use made by the user during the day and much more. Thanks to this analysis, the system could offer much more reliable and useful indications regarding the actual estimated duration of the residual charge, since it takes into account the actual use that the user is usually making of the smartphone. At present ios offers no information about the estimated residual battery life, instead present on macos and on different Android-based smartphones.

Over the last few years, apple has greatly improved the monitoring and estimating of the health status of its products batteries, especially for iphones (especially as a result of a “certain media case” ). In this way, for example, you could receive custom charging alerts instead of the classic warning that is shown starting from 20% residual charge. Who knows if this will be among the novelties of ios 15 that will be unveiled during the next wwdc 2021.