In this regard, we point out that the galaxy s9 and its older brother s9+ are now receiving quarterly updates, a downgrade compared to the monthly updates program they were in. Also the old samsung galaxy a30 and m30 models have been declassified: previously they were updated quarterly, but now they will be updated only twice a year. The galaxy tab s3, previously the top samsung range tablet, is eliminated completely from the list after being half-year.

There are some good news, however: the galaxy a52 and the A52 5g are both added to the group that receives security updates with monthly frequency. For those who have a galaxy tab s3 and do not want to stop receiving security updates, the only way is to rely on modding and custom roms based on aosp code. Before leaving you, we want to remind you that just for the samsung galaxy s9 the porting of oneui 3.1 and android 11 is available (link to download and installation guide in the article).