The leading family of the Chinese manufacturer’s proposal is once again the one called find x, reached its third expression and also this year formed by three solutions: find x3 pro, find x3 neo and find x3 lite. Summarymore beautiful than last yearas noted in the review last year, find x2 lite was probably the least attractive (exactly speaking) of the three 2020 proposals. 12 months away the situation is definitely improved, at least for what is my personal goto, find x3 lite is a product with much more character.

In general we are talking about a smartphone with an excellent ergonomics, which is very well gripped and is quite light and thin. The back cover is made of polycarbonate as well as the frame that is however painted with glossy effect. Despite the not exactly premium material, the feeling is to have a well-made and assembled solution with the right attention to detail.

I also like the glossy section that contains the 4 cameras, also in contrast to the rest of the shell and definitely characterizing. Obviously a stereo solution would have been appreciated and would have raised the level in the listening experience a lot, but we have to settle for this. good displayif you should ask me what is the update I have most appreciated in the passage from find x2 lite to find x3 lite I would have no doubt in answering that it is the display.

Compared to last year we also lose the drop notch in favor of a more discreet hole. Refresh rate apart we still talk about a very good display also regarding maximum brightness. Over 400 cd/mq in common situations and we have a peak of over 700 nits.

Are values that allow easy use even in the outside, under direct sunlight. The colors are well reproduced, bright and, as often happens with the amoled panels, even a little oversaturated. In general it is a pleasant panel to observe and that allows us to enjoy the best of multimedia content, whether they are photos or videos.

Yes, you have read well, I have written three cameras and a half because of the 4 modules present in the back of this find x3 lite only 3 really take photos. The camera I will call main offers a 64-megapixel resolution sensor and lens with 80-degree fov and f/1.7. Aperture follow an ultra wide angle with 119 degree viewing angle and 8 megapixel sensor and a macro camera with 2 megapixel sensor.

The fourth module is what does not really take photos; It is a 2-megapixel sensor, black and white, which serves as a help to improve other shots. Photos taken by day are of excellent quality when we use both the main camera and the wide-angle. Photos are sharp and rich in details, with bright colors and good management of high and low lights.

The speed of focusing is great and it behaves well even in the most complex situations. There is no optical zoom but the 2x digital zoom we get using the main camera is however of very good quality. There is the portrait mode that works pretty well but I invite you to try the 2x zoom (as in the photo of the daisy above) of the main camera to get the same blurred effect.

The result is very pleasant, characterized by a soft bokeh and a subject always well on fire. In the evening, or in the presence of little light, the rendering is obviously less good, both with regard to the main camera and the wide-angle. Fortunately, it intervenes the night mode to raise a little bit the fortunes and to improve via software the shots we get.

A little background noise persists, but we still talk about a mid-range smartphone and competition is at a similar level or, in some cases, even lower. The integrated electronic stabilization, however good, does not allow us to arrive at such long exposure times without having moving images. Talking about video, instead, we can record clips up to a maximum resolution of 4k to 30 fps with the main camera, and 1080p, always at 30fps, with the wide-angle.

Among the main features we find excellent stabilization, bright colors, a very fast focus and good clarity. Stabilization can be further improved using ultra-steady mode but so doing you can’t go beyond 1080p as a resolution. And finally two words also on the 32 megapixel front camera that snaps good photos, surely aligned to competition, in most situations.

Here to amaze is the excellent stabilization when we use the selfie-camera to record videos, a feature common to many smartphones opposite even of the previous generations. Hardware and softwarethe soc used here is the same last year, that is the snapdragon 765 g of Qualcomm. On the one hand we have convincing performance and on the other a battery consumption however contained.

System management is fast both in opening and managing apps and when it comes to multitasking. Let’s say that any user category you represent will hardly find you in difficulty. In all this we must not forget another element which obviously plays an important role, if not fundamental, in the experience of the world.

A few spikes like a side menu with quick connections to some applications and memory cleaning tools and battery optimization. In short, one step at a time opposite is building a harwdare package and noteworthy software, we hope you also speed up the update process. Autonomyinside this find x2 lite we have a 4.300 mah battery.

The day of use is never a problem and you get quietly in the evening even in the most complicated situations. In the package we have a 65w fast charger that allows us to complete a charging in about half an hour. In short, if you should find yourself in an emergency situation, it takes a very few minutes to have several hours of autonomy.

ConclusionsWell, how much does this find x3 lite cost? Above 350 euros the differences regarding the model last year risk not to be enough to justify a price of more than 100 euros higher. Keep an eye on the price of find x2 lite which remains an excellent alternative.

We are undoubtedly in a market area where competition is not lacking and in some cases it is really ruthless. Xiaomi, little, realms and even samsung invade this segment with a myriad of solutions, so what can we consider as added value for this opposite? Finally, we remember that by buying this opposite find x3 lite by next April 30 you will be able to access a special promotion that allows you to receive a pair of wireless headphones opposite enco x of the commercial value of 179 euros.