nintendo has recently released a new update for switch that brings the console firmware to version 12.0.0. Nothing particularly interesting, or at least not at a first glance. The true novelties, in fact, seem to be hidden within the firmware code and point all in one direction: the so much chatted switch pro.

The latter is the code name with which the next switch variant has been identified for a long time. Among the other clues in the firmware – reported and reorganized by the twitter oatmealdome account – we also find a new indication of the possible support to the ocita video in 4k format. The update also includes the possibility – for the first time – to update the firmware in the switch dock.

In short, it is now clear that I am working on the new console and that this is not far away in time. Sightings are followed at an increasingly tight pace both from non-official sources – but reliable, as in the case of bloomberg -, and thanks to the first leaks coming directly from the console firmware.