Motorola also adds other smartphones to the increasingly dense market of low-end android smartphones, in addition to the g100 bike we have already seen, are available to purchase the g10 bike and the g30 bike, decidedly cheaper and characterized by a super autonomy. Indexdesign and quality of constructionmotion g10 and motion g30 are completely made of polycarbonate as most smartphones of this price range, but also of upper end. Both are quite large and weigh around 200 grams, not only the size but also the large 5000 mah battery module in both cases.

On an aesthetic level they differ for a different texture of the back cover, wave on the g10, smooth on the g30, with a coloring of green to purple. The other side of the medal is the ip52 certification that makes them resistant to splashing water. In pack there is a cover in soft tpu and a 10 watt power supply (moto g10) and 20 watt (moto g30), these charging values are also the maximum supported respectively by the two smartphones.

On the back to the center find place a physical fingerprint reader, always reliable and fast. Display turning frontally the differences are minimal, share an ips hd display from 6.5 inches, with refresh rate from 60 hz for motion g10 and 90 hz for motion g30. As for the multimedia sphere, we find the presence of the 3.5 mm audio jack and a fairly powerful mono speaker.

Despite this, with a little patience, they can also open the heaviest apps and games and even allow a discreet gaming experience. Reliable and well functioning all the phone compartment, as well as the wifi and bluetooth connectivity that has never shown any kind of criticality. software softwarethe software is undoubtedly the distinctive element of motion g10 and motion g30 towards the other smartphones of the same price range.

Starting for the first time these two smartphones it is impossible to find themselves scattered between requests, authorizations and installation proposals. But it does not end here, because on a clean base of Android 11, motorola added different functions and possibility of customization, all enclosed in one app: motorcycle. Closes the set of gametime functions which is the classic tool to improve the game experience with distraction block, automatic brightness block and screen recording.

To this you add control for audio effects from speaker and headphone and track progress function with the keys of the screen volume off. Autonomywith 5000 mah the two motorcycle g are authentic champions of autonomy, with the g10 you can cover more than 2 days of activity, with the g30 two full days are still within reach. The processor consumes very little and the software is well optimized as by tradition for motorola branded products.

Surely both are among the best android smartphones, it follows that one of the reasons to choose them could be just the search for extreme autonomy. Camerasthe configuration of the photo section of motion g10 and motion g30 is the same, but change the sensor of the main camera, from 48 mp and 64 mp respectively. At night the night mode is quite effective, although clearly you notice a great drop in quality when the light drops.

Quite well selfies on motion g30, bad instead on the g10. You can make fullhd clips at 30 or 60 fps, for stabilization however you need to stay at the lowest frame rate. In conclusionMotorola moto g10 is proposed to 189 euro of list in the cut of memory 4/128 gb, while motion g30 is placed to 239 euro in the cut 6/128.

Two smartphones obviously economical with something interesting to say about the front autonomy and immediateness of oo. Good choice to equip them with a plentiful memory cut and always appreciated the certification ip52 that testifies a good quality constructive. There has been a repositioning towards the step regarding the past, to leave space probably to the g100 motorbike, produced of all other technical thickness.

We recommend them if you are looking for great autonomy and an easy to use product, among the two certainly to prefer the g30 bike, which has something more to offer in terms of performance, screen and photo section. Remaining that in the house motorola remain better alternatives like motorbike g8 plus or motion g 5g plus. Autonomy software simple software simple certification ip52 certification ip52 performance only sufficient performance only sufficient design and materials design and materialsvote motion g30: 6.5 vote motion g10: 6video video video