Increasing ram memory and ssd ability after buying a macbook is an operation that has become increasingly difficult over the years and the models based on the first apple slicon chip are no exception. From the east are encouraging news: replace the integrated ram modules in the m1 chip is possible, same for ssd modules. But it must be said that the operation is neither simple nor within the reach of all.

The technician shared on the net some images showing how it is possible to remove the ram modules from the chip and the ssd ones, replacing them with other of greater capacity. To specify that the operation was successfully carried out on a macbook air m1, but it is not excluded that the same result can be achieved also with other models based on the same chip. Has therefore come less a great limit of the new macbook?

Moreover, it must be taken into account that there is no reconcussions on the reliability over time of the replaced modules and that there is always the possibility that apple decides to block unauthorized changes with future software updates. In short, for the common user the best solution is always to proceed to the choice of memory allocation during the purchase.