Free starter getwe are proud to introduce you to the new application of ISP. Version 4.0 completely recreated from scratch with one idea in the head: be the best app in the industry! The application has an extremely careful design: very complex but also extremely familiar, like all things that work well.

It is rich in functionality and will allow you to get a user experience comparable to that desktop! With Implementation 4.0 you will not only read the articles of this blog: there is so much more! App designed in two stylesas in the previous app, we also made two different designs for the application.

A “compact” style applied by default, and a “extended” style that makes the app really equal to our desktop site. You can also follow the authors by clicking the “Follow” button within each article. Offers and backgroundsthe new app also gives space to our services.

The second tab in fact is dedicated to the offers, what we treat through “Consume it”. Here you will find the items with the best offers not to be missed, discounts on the products and accessories useful for your devices. It is the first time that the app integrates icloud synchronization, so from now on your favorites you will never lose them again and you will find them on all your devices!

The clench between the spikes: the tab “Other”The last tab, called “Other” is really special. Visit it often because the contents within it will change over time and will be more and more useful. Follow live blogs about live apple events!

All the content you see now inside will disappear to make place to our usual live blog. Just like this: you can follow the live and real-time apple events directly from this section of our application! The application is very flexible and customizable.

We also have a dark alternative icon, for those who are usually using backgrounds and dark themes on their iPhone. For the first time we also have a beautiful dark fashion, made with great precision to offer you the best experience possible. Push notifications will not only come with the title of the article but also with an image preview!

The app uses the latest technologies and has a total of 7 widgets in 3 sizes and 2 different styles. Set at least one on the home screen and you can follow our news without even having to open the application! Designed for iPhone and iPadThe application is optimized for iPhone but also for iPad.

Look at it for a complete presentation of the application:privacyThe application is built with the utmost attention to the privacy of the user. We have already integrated the popup relative to the transparency of tracking and, as explained also in this deepening, our application has no type of active tracking. The only thing that requires is your identifier (anonymous) with the sole purpose of displaying custom banners according to your interests.

No data of yours is collected from the app or transferred to third parties. Thanksthe development of this application has been very long and troubled. We had a bad experience with a developers company and had to recreate the project from scratch twice.

The design of the application, both with regard to the ui and the ux is completely made by me, the code is instead of a mesmerized pietro. Find a badge that shows how many comments are contained in each article and there is no sign of advertising!