today about 5.6 million Italian pupils returned to class, after the closures related to the health emergency, but the return was not exempt from problems. During the Easter weekend in fact axios suffered a computer attack that made it impossible to access the electronic registry. Axios provides this important digital tool to a large number of Italian schools – it is estimated that they use 40% of the institutes – that from last Saturday they found themselves unable to use it.

The problem is in motion, but it will take several hours before restoring full functionality. With the latest update axios previews that everything will return operational by the morning of tomorrow. To know: the electronic register was introduced in 2012, it is a digital tool that can access (also remotely) teachers and students.

The register contains essential information for the management of school activities, including attendance/assessment, delays/expectations/justifications, assigned tasks, scheduled audits, reportlets, notes and communications. What happenedeverything started on April 3 with the first official confirmation of the sudden malfunction occurred on the previous night that required an extraordinary maintenance. Axios also added that the first features would return active from today (7 April). )

This is the latest update provided today: friendly customers, we are completing infrastructure restoration activities and safety testing. Axios didn’t give up the demands and denounced the fact to the postal police.