The speaker of the new nest hub, moreover, is based on the same audio technology of audio nests and spreads 50% more bass than the original model. After countless noises and anticipations, the announcement is now official: the second generation of google nest hub, the smart device of google, will land on the Italian market next 5 May . Simple movements of the hand that do not require the direct touch with the display.

Youtube music, spotify, apple music, netflix, and other applications will be available, paused and resumed playback at any time, miming a touch in front of the display. When the function is active, a visual indicator appears on the display. Every morning, when you wake up, google nest hub will elaborate a customised summary about the sleep trend, which will be displayed with the voice command “ehi google, how did I sleep?”

The function will be available for free for a year, after which it will become paid and in the future will be integrated with the monitoring of sleep of fitbit.