The servers for the alpha diablo ii technique: resurrected are about to open: blizzard has announced that from 9 to 12 April a limited number of players will be able to try on pc a part of the content included in the remastered version of the legendary title. In the alpha technique of diablo ii: resurrected, in addition to an improved technical section that provides a resolution in ultra hd 4k (on compatible devices), the testers will have fun with the content of the act i (the invisible eye) and the act ii (the secret of the vizjerei). Throughout the duration of the alpha technique, participants will have the ability to save screenshots, record movies or stream.

It is reported that despite the technical alpha it is an experience focused only on the single player, to access and play there is however required an internet connection. Diablo ii: resurrected, announced on the occasion of the last blizzcon, will debut on pc, xbox series X|S, xbox one, playstation 5, playstation 4 and nintendo switch.