It is not the first time we do an analysis of the smartphone market and the number of products that are launched by the various companies. Today, since the first quarter of 2021 (q1), we wanted to photograph the world mobile market to understand how many smartphones were presented and what the brand is with the largest number of new products in its portfolio. , although it is not ocitated by the mobile sector, it is going through a very special moment, there were practically no new products and the tops of the range 2021 did not see (p50).

These three brands alone would have guaranteed at least 20 new smartphones in this early year that are instead missing. 160 smartphones in 3 months (and without mwc 2021)! Are exactly 157 new smartphones presented globally from January to March 2021. we have rounded it is true, but it is equally true that we do not speak of 3 real months as between holidays, weekends and celebrations, the useful days we have taken into consideration are about 76 regarding the 90 exact days of the q1 2021.

Note: the absence of mwc 2021 has definitely had a negative impact on the number of products presented in q1 2021. So let’s talk about an average of 2 new smartphones presented every day for three months in a row! A huge number if we consider what is said in the opening article and that obviously sees the usual brands protagonists.

Top 5 producers q1 2021As you see from the chart, xiaomi dominates the ranking with a number of smartphones presented that arrives at 23, including variants for the foreign market that will not arrive in Italy. Samsung is no less than 18 different devices in the 2021 portfolio, followed by opposite that it has presented 16 products and closes motorola with 12 different alternatives. If we peak the smartphones of the only top 5 manufacturers, there are 83 proposals that, considering the days of q1 2021, exceed the average of 1 new presentation per day of average for 3 months in a row.

This is a huge quantity and is intended to grow significantly over the next few months. The war of clones, but it would be very small. A real chaos to which a necessary limitation is added for some products in order to be able to insert them in their line-up with a sense.

Here is therefore that at the end of q1 2021 we find smartphones in version 4g and the same product in version 5g (in 2020 we could understand it but after a year also it is enough! N:D.R), smartphone from 350€ with medium hardware and smartphone from 300€ with almost top hardware of the range. Incredible then see that there are companies that market latest products, even 5g but.

Simplicity, clarity and few frillsbut are we really sure that 20 smartphones in their product line are the best solution? Note: the number of smartphones taken into account, as verified and correct, may have an error marginWhat do you think?