The jerryrigeverything channel has long been accustomed to a fairly standardized approach to every new smartphone just presented. First he is subjected to a resistance test, then he passes to teardown that shows us all his secrets. Oneplus has recently announced its new series of smartphones, including the top of range 9 pro (you can discover all the secrets in our review,) and took this opportunity to launch a new challenge to the channel of youtuber zack nelson: to mount a oneplus 9 pro from scratch based on the components sent by the company.

So the famous teardown on jerryrigeverything turns into a real assembly video, since oneplus sent a copy of the smartphone already completely disassembled, accompanied by the assembly instructions. What we anticipate is that the video allows to appreciate with greater precision all the elements that compose the oneplus 9 pro, as it is already dismantled and easily analyzed components. That we leave you to the vision of the video.