The collection operation has been planned for a long time and in the previous months has been chosen the site and the mapping of the asteroid, with the aim to avoid the most dangerous areas to safeguard the probe. We cannot forget the impact of the engines, which at finite operation have been activated to remove the probe from the surface. Then the long return journey of OSIRIS-REx will begin, with return to the land scheduled on September 24 2023.

At that point the team of scientists of the nasa can finally analyze the precious load, in fact, the composition of asteroids of this type is particularly interesting at scientific level. Among the various theories about the origin of life, one of them assumes that asteroids may have played an important role, for example in the transport of the first organic molecules on earth. But we do not forget that bennu is considered a potentially dangerous asteroid and one day could approach dangerously to our planet.

The greatest risks will come between 2169 and 2199, but if everything will smoothly file our distant relatives will sleep quietly until 2880, when the percentages of possible impact will increase again.