In view of a public release that would seem to be getting closer and closer, apple has made available to developers the seventh beta of ios and ipados 14.5 that arrive at a distance of a week from the previous ones. Also released beta 7 of watchos 7.4. as usual, beta can be downloaded via the apple developer center or in ota mode. Among the novelties arrived with the previous beta, there is the possibility of recalibration of the battery if it did not work as planned.

siri also has no female voice as default and two new English vocal options are added to choose from. The new voices of siri exploit the technology neural text to speech (neural tts) that allows a very natural sound. The beta of today also updates the voices in Italy, Irlanda and Russian with the neural tts, bringing the total of the voices siri that use neural tts to 38.

As regards ipados, with version 14.5 the support in Italian is coming to handwriting features with apple pencil including scribbles that allows you to write in any text field by converting words automatically into text typed.