Apple has officially launched its find my network or the system that will be used both by airtags and other products made by third parties, to find any object. This network is integrated within the application “Dov is” on iphone and allows you to view, on a map, the exact place where an object belongs to us. These trackers use ultra wideband technology (u1) of apple that allows you to obtain precise information to find the objects, including the direction in which we have to move when we are very close.

No word about airtags in the press release but in theory should be launched in advance than those of third parties. Belkin instead will realize true wireless headphones and finally chipolo will realize the classic circular tracker similar to what will be the AirTag of apple. The power of this system is in the fact that it manages to work practically always.

Contrary to most trackers on the market that can only send information when the phone is connected via bluetooth (which is quite useless) in case of loss or theft, the apple technology allows the new trackers to work “almost” always. In fact, it will be enough that any iphone holder passes next to your object for the tracker to connect to its data network and send you precise information on the site.