Via alexa apps or pleasure wash it will also be possible to monitor the stocks of original capsules in my own way, regain them and count the daily consumption of coffee. How many times have we ironically said that electronic devices have become so smart that they only lack the ability to make coffee? Here from today you have to review this joke: in fact comes washed in my way voicy, the first coffee machine with the integrated alexa voice assistant.

Can you then tell alexa to make a coffee? But you do not live alone coffee: the device is and remains a channel of access to alexa features. In concrete, some examples of voice commands: alexa, do me an espresso, alexa, play my playlist, alexa, tell me a curiosity about voicy.

Wash in my way voicy is already available on amazon: it is proposed to 249 euros – the same figure of another amazon device that is coming in the Italian market (the new echo show 10). By registering the new alexa device, you will be entitled to 3 months free subscription to amazon music unlimited (here the details – it only applies to new customers).