Now we know how manjaro wants to do to get on every computer and tablet type, including ipads, as it says for a few weeks to this part : cloud computing . No porting, special dual boot and hacking projects required for a native installation, so, just a web page to visit and a monthly subscription to pay. Cloud computing service is offered by, a very young company in the Desktop-as-a-Service or daas segment, and the subscription starts from $4.95 per month.

The concept is very simple: shells provides the user with a virtual machine with the popular linux distro installed, fully configurable. The basic shells subscription costs $4.95 per month, but is limited to 100 hours of oo per month. Virtual machine resources are quantified in 1 processor, 2 gb memory ram and 40 gb storage.

Perhaps it is better to turn to native linux solutions, such as the jingpad a1.