Juho sarvikas is a new employee of qualcomm. The former chief product officer and vp north america of hmd global will occupy the role of vp & president north america of the Californian society, bringing with it the acquired expertise in the 15 years of nokia to develop technologies and solutions for the new generation networks and not only. The passage in Qualcomm will formally take place next 12 April.

I’m excited to share with you that on april 12th i am joined @qualcomm, the world’s leading wireless technology innovator, as vp & president of north america. I can’t wait to work with our partners and the amazing #teamqualcomm at the epicenter of the 5g revolution https://t.co/Gvzet342zE — juho sarvikas @(sarvikas) april 5, 2021the experience and knowledge of sarvikas in mobile will be extremely valuable for Qualcomm, and not only within 5g. Not only processors, therefore, in the future there will be room for consumer products, and the former hmd global will play a key role in this challenge.

Does the noise report a product with customized launcher, mobile platform snapdragon (the version after the current 888,)? At his side will have first Christian amos, a new board that will formally enter the company next June 30, and then also another valuable resource: the community of fans.