According to the findings, in fact, the latest version of the operating system – without making distinctions between ios and ipados – is present on 90,46% of the active devices , while those with ios 13 stop at 5,05%. This is a highly interesting data, as it allows us to understand the number of users who have actually not chosen to update their device. We remember that all iphones and ipads running ios 13 can be updated to ios 14.

Is 14 has reached an important milestone in its adoption rate, which now reaches 90%. The third slice of users is represented by those who use a version of ios before the last 2, or 4,48% of the active devices. In short, ios 14 seems to have been particularly appreciated and it is likely that ios 14.5 can further push upward the adoption rate, since it will integrate the function that will allow the unlocking of iphone – in the presence of an apple watch – even with the mask, option that could convince even some of the users remained on ios 13.