In the 35th annual list of forbes there are 493 new billionaires, of which 210 are from the cina and hong kong and 98 others from the United States. In total are 2.755 billionaires, 660 more than last year, with the founder of amazon, jeff bezos, who looks all from above for the fourth consecutive year. Despite the pandemic that has literally upset the world economies, as well as putting on knees a lot of commercial activities, this ranking forbes billionaires instead highlights a record for the richest in the world who have seen their patricians increase of approximately 5,000 billion dollars, passing from the 8,000 billion dollars of the 2020 ranking to well 13,1 thousand billion dollars.

The tech industry was one of those who profited from the health crisis. According to randall lane, chief content officer of forbes: “the very, very rich have become much, much richer”bezos is first for the fourth consecutive year. Bezos has put in pocket another 64 billion dollars reaching a total patrimony of 177 billion dollars.

Starting from the third trimester of the year, bezos will leave the office of managing director of amazon. Musk has passed in only one year from 24,6 billion dollars to 151 billion dollars touching also the summit at the beginning of the year. His bet on electric mobility, which began in 2003, is certainly winning: his shares increased by 703%.

The top ten of the forbes billionairesthe top ten richest in the world have a total assets of 1,115 billion dollars, net increase compared to 686 billion dollars in 2019. jeff bezos: 177 billion dollarselon musk: $151 billionbernard arnault: 150 billion dollarsBill gates: 124 billion dollarsmark zuckerberg: 97 billion dollarswarren buffett: 96 billion dollarsI’m sorry. Overall, European billionaires have earned $1,000 billion in the last year. Well 1,975 billionaires (the 72% of the list) were “made alone,” without inherit anything.

More rich in Italianin Italy, in the first place with a net worth of 25,8 billion dollars (62° in the general,) there is the founder of luxottica, leonardo of the old. To follow, giorgio armani, with an estimated net worth of 7,7 billion dollars, Giuseppe De’Longhi, aberto bombssei, the president of brembo and the investor shaul shani. For the first time in 2nd place, with a patrimony of 2 billion, there is john elkann.

From the Italian ranking was excluded young Ferrare who, with a patrimony of 35,1 billion dollars, is the richest of the Belgian (40° in the general,) where he now has his residence.