And since clubhouse continues to grow, it is important for us to align the business model to that of creators, helping them to earn and grow on the platform. ” At first, everyone can send money but only a small number of users can receive it. In this first clubhouse phase, it is intended primarily to collect feedback, optimize the system and then make it available to everyone.

How it worksto send a payment directly to the clubhouse you need to access the user profile that has the enabled function and click the “Send Money” button at this point the sum you want to send. Only the first time this operation will be carried out you will also need to register your credit or debit card. But there are also telegrams, which has already activated its voice chats, and are also linkedin, spotify and probably also facebook.

The clubhouse creator first program was launched by the company, which will allow 20 creators to be supported directly by the platform with hardware and funding. Another fundamental aspect is the audience that on clubhouse is currently very limited to ios users only though the android opening should now be imminent.