The digital era has made most parts of life quite convenient. However, it has also opened up a whole new set of hazards for personal safety and privacy. This is especially dangerous for minors, and is a major concern for parents these days. However, as with all things, innovators have created tools to ease these worries and help parents keep their children safe and secure. In addition, they have also created tools which enable healthy parenting practices, with a community-driven approach.   

So, if you have children, make use of those Spectrum deals you signed up for, and go for digital parenting! This refers to tools and apps which help you track your children’s location and digital activities. However, you need to make sure you keep a fine balance between vigilance and privacy in order to encourage trust between you and your children. Take a look at these apps, and see which ones you need to keep an eye on your children and also be more connected with them. 


This app is perfect for when you only want to know where your child is, and not track their digital and social media activity. It uses their phone’s GPS to let you know where they are, with real-time updates. In addition, to ensure privacy, it only permits you and anyone you authorize to view this data. 

For example, if you have this app, you can know when your child has safely reached their friend’s house, and how long it took them to get there. If they’re going somewhere, they’re not supposed to be, you’ll also be able to see that. In fact, if you fix a geographical boundary on the app, you will receive alerts when your child goes outside these boundaries. It even lets you check if your driving teens are adhering to speed limits, and whether they are honest about where they are going and for how long. 

FBI Child ID

You should always be prepared for the worst as well. Preparation can help you prevent major tragedies, and this is where this app comes in. it is basically an FBI database you can register your child on, so that if the unthinkable happens, the relevant authorities are alerted immediately. All you have to do is take a picture of your child and list their identifiable characteristics on this free app. 

Then, in case the worst happens, you’ll only have to press an alert button, which will call 911 and also automatically send a notification to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Make sure you add relevant identifiable characteristics such as age, height, body type, eye color, hair color, complexion, and any visible birthmarks. This app is essential for quick and smart responses to bad situations, as you won’t have to go through multiple sources to get an amber alert out about your child. 

uKnow Mobile

This is one of the most comprehensive and in-depth digital parenting apps available out there. It covers everything from your child’s location to their online activities, enabling you to keep them safe from unsavory situations. It compiles all their social media activity into an easily navigable dashboard, so you can check if they are being safe on the internet. 

In addition, if your child has a smartphone as well, this app will also show you their texts and app downloads, so you can be sure they’re not viewing restricted material or being sexually exploited. You can also keep an eye on any bullying activity with this app, and protect your child in a smart way. Its locator tab is also quite impressive and keeps you updated where your children are. 


Not all digital parenting has to be about checking your child’s location and internet activities. When it comes to younger children in particular, you need access to a parenting community. Peanut is especially good for parents with younger children, as it lets you know who’s in the same boat in your proximity. 

This way, you can meet up, discuss parenting issues, see what is going on in the neighborhood, and be vigilant about any problems. In addition, you sometimes just want to talk to other parents as well. This app lets you do that, and is basically a matchmaking circle for moms in the area to connect with each other. 


When you have young children, you’ll be up to your neck in arts and crafts projects. Of course, it can be quite a dilemma when you want to see which ones to keep and which ones to throw away. Artkive lets you have the best of both worlds by taking pictures of these projects and saving them for you. After all, how many macaroni necklaces do you want to keep? 

To sum up, parenting in the digital era may be tricky, but there are a number of apps out there to make things easier for you.