facebook is in trouble again and it is very serious trouble. Phone numbers and personal data of more than 553 million facebook users were published online, free of charge, within a low-level hacking forum, as reported by business insider. It is a very serious thing for everyone, but especially for those who use the date of birth as a password.

The leak goes to expose not only digital identity but also real identity. The Italian facebook accounts involved in this leak are 35.677.323! A few years ago for facebook there was the analytical cambridge scandal, where the data of users accumulated through those third-party quiz games were then sold to third-party companies but this time the matter is even more serious.

An invitation that I always make to my friends but that is also valid for you is never to enter private information on facebook, even when you share posts. This is the true attention to privacy that you have to have instead of worrying about ATT or similar things.