Snap, the company that controls snapchat, has tested an alternative solution to the transparency of the tracking of applications imposed by apple. The new method uses a technique that has a 95% effectiveness in the identification of individual users. For each advertising campaign there is a cost for every 1000 views (cpm) and a cost for each click.

Of course the advertiser will have to pay much more when a banner is clicked compared to a simple display. When a user chooses not to be traced through the popup att of apple, it does nothing but deny the custom banners. The snap solution is known as “probability match” which in fact does not go to use the IDFA (the device identifier created for advertising dealers).

In this way, an alternative system is created to the IFA, which has an effectiveness of 95.%apple, as in the case of adjust sdk, has shown that these alternative systems are also prohibited but the intentions of snap were pure purpose of testing.