With the installation of ios 14.5 beta 6, a new voice appeared in Italy within the settings with the written “Provider tv”. The news is not yet reported by any blog because abroad this setting was added almost a year ago. Ios 14.5 beta 6 allows users to access the credentials of their TV provider in settings or the first use of a supported app.

Once you do this, you can also automatically access any other supported apps without having to enter the data again. If your TV provider has its own app, it is possible that your device will download it automatically after you have logged in. To simplify understanding: imagine the Italian operator tim who could include a tim vision subscription in his telephone plan.

By entering the login credentials in the new section within the settings, we would automatically download the tim vision application and we could immediately watch TV content directly from the smartphone. If there were also third-party applications that could work with the same tim credentials, then we should not even refurbish access to use them.