ios 14.5 will really include so many news but with the beta 6 apple continued to add new ones. 1. two new voices for siri (in English)the first concerns siri but only in the English language. Apple decided to start improving the voice assistant that now will not have to be necessarily woman.

Two new entries have been added, so those who use siri in English will have the option of choice. The new voices use the neural text to speech engine developed by apple but all this in Italy does not concern us. Simply using the voice assistant from beta 6 of ios 14.5 we should find improvements in learning and responses that you provide.

3. tool to recalibrate the batteryapple launched a tool to recalibrate the maximum battery capacity of iphone 11, iphone 11 pro and iphone 11 pro max. Apple has become aware that this is a problem that only affects these devices and has therefore released this tool that is always activated from the same screen “Settings > battery > battery status”. For more information, apple has created a support page that you can consult (also in Italian) directly by clicking here.