From my personal analysis, I got that:widgets must be light,can not store much information in memorycannot use/consume large resources. For example, the google widget shows a search box but if we click on it, we do not have the option to directly insert a word to search. Instead the real app is started, already in search position, and it will be there that we will go to write the text.

What are the widgets of ios 14? Are simple “viewers” of information to which you can combine an action through a link that can launch the real app. Besides being light and therefore “read-only” widgets also have another limit.

Data to be drawn from the main app and to be shown in the widget can be automatically updated with a range not lower than 5 minutes. It follows that some widgets like those that make the now playing of apple music rather than spotify can not exist, or at least, can not work as well as should. Ios vs android: who has the best widgets?

Having more powerful widgets does not necessarily mean having the best widgets. In many respects, the concept of widgets as conceived by apple, can be better and definitely more suitable for what represents the operating system. The same apple did not push up to this point with its music widget but the developers of tunetrack tried to do so, with results to say little poor.

Tunetrack promises to offer a widget to apple music and spotify able to show the track in play at that time. I used the word “promises” because in reality the result is a little different and definitely not up to it. Tunetrackfree download from app storewhy many applications do not have a widget yet?

Due to the limits of the widgets of ios 14, the application fails to update in real time the track we are listening but can do it, automatically, every 5 minutes. You will understand that with an average duration of 3 minutes and a half per song, a widget that updates every 5 minutes is completely useless. To overcome this problem, developers have inserted, within the app settings, a button to manually refresh the widget.

As soon as we press it, the widget updates and downloads the cover and title of the track currently playing on spotify or apple music. The question, however, is born spontaneous: what is the point of doing all this only to see what we are listening to? In my opinion on ios 14 a widget in home with the track currently playing offers a very bad experience and for this reason the same apple opted for a simpler widget to match its music application.

Probably many people will feel the lack of a spotify widget but with current limitations, you can not realize a pretty useful one as you might imagine. Update: spotify has released its widget but works exactly like the apple one, showing the songs recently played and not the current ones. Unfortunately a widget with the now playing that updates second in real time, it is not possible.

It is possible that with ios 15 the bees of widgets are enhanced and expanded but it is a difficult thing to say today. There are particularly useful applications to display through a widget and others that are not necessary.