Harmonyos will officially debut in April and huawei mate x2 will be the first to receive ithuawei officially announced that the latest beta version of the harmonyos operating system will be available on March 31, while the stable version will arrive in April. The first smartphone to receive the update to the novo operating system owner (whose code is open source) will be huawei mate x2 (launched with Android 10, will soon pass on the other side). The phones of the huawei p50 series should have been the first to perform harmonyos already from the launch.

However, the latest information on the p50 series indicates that the announcement was postponed in May. When the p50s arrive then, harmonyos will be in circulation for a month or two. Before leaving you, we want to remind you that the current beta versions of harmonyos have an android heart, since they are partly based also on the aosp code.