The distribution of 64dd was limited to the Japanese market alone, and even nintendo after a long and troubled gestation decided not to deal with it directly, selling the device to randnet which then concerned to place it to the end users. For this reason the support to the accessory by the mother’s house limited to only nine games: commercial failure was clamorous, and the projects that were still under development for 64dd were diverted to the gamecube. The dev kit then consists of five unused 64dd development discs, some adhesive labels, a cartridge for n64 and two adapters: N64JOINT-01, which allows you to connect another adapter to the slot for a nintendo 64 top cartridges; and then there is nus DCC-00, which connects directly to the first adapter and allows you to insert two cartridges simultaneously within the same n64.

On the other hand, it was a console, an improved version of the 3ds, and it also had more times than the original: for this reason it was still a success.