A few moments ago motorola officially launched in Italy the new motorola moto g100, a celebratory smartphone of the 10th generation of the family moto g, started in 2013, that goes to repopulate a medium high band that is becoming increasingly populated and fierce. I refer to motion action, motion display and gaming mode for example, but not only. With this motion g100 has been added the ready for function which can be considered as a sort of dex in motorola sauce.

The desktop interface is activated simply by connecting the smartphone and an external display (monitor, tv etc.). Accomplished this operation appears the dedicated interface that allows us to choose from four modes of oo: desktop, tv, game and video-call. Desktop mode activates an interface similar to that of a classic notebook, allowing us to take advantage of the greater monitor space to increase productivity.

We can open the applications in the window, flank them, widen them to full screen, overlap them, exactly as we would do with our pc. The interface is very responsive and, despite being the first implementation of this function, it already seems to turn everything more than satisfactory. Returning to the home screen you can then enter the multimedia control center.

Similarly, by scrolling the interface down we find the games and, even further below, the video call apps. In the g100 motion we have, in this regard, a snapdragon 870. This is a soc that can be considered as a sort of evolution of the snapdragon 865 last year, with which he shares cpu, gpu and dsp.

The main difference is in the cpu clock, slightly higher and able to offer an even greater point. As it happened for snapdragon 865 also here we do not have 5g modem integrated and therefore this component of connectivity is entrusted to the now known x55. It is a hardware sector that immediately has me very satisfied for performance, responsiveness, pleasure of oo and consumption.

Combined with 8 gb of ram lpdr5 and 128 gb storage on ufs 3.1 memory, this soc allows you to manage all the workflow without any problem. The apps open quickly, the switch from one to another is always very fast and even the multitasking is supported in the best way. 5-6 applications can be kept open simultaneously, but also those that are temporarily freed from the call take very few moments to return operational.

If it wasn’t for the stand-alone modem, however, this snapdragon 870 would seriously question the leadership of the latest sd 888 top. 5g apart, whose support, as mentioned, is guaranteed by the modem x55, this bike g100 does not give up the wifi ax and bluetooth, in version 5.1, besides obviously the infc. In short, connectivity side lacks nothing, including the audio jack and the USB-C 3.1 with support to the ocite video.

Only neo, but not linked to connectivity, is the speaker only mono, really sinned for a product however voted for multimedia. The sim trolley, finally, can contain two nano-SIM or a nano-SIM and a micro sd (up to 1tb). The battery that hides under the shell offers a capacity of 5000 mah, as by tradition motorola that has practically placed this value almost as standard.

The autonomy, after a few hours of use, appears however very good, but of course we reserve to confirm the judgment in the full review. The element that didn’t convince me fully is the fast charging that doesn’t go beyond 20w. A 6.7″ diagonal ips panel, fhd+ resolution and 21:9 aspect ratio.

Surely we are not at the display levels from over 700 nits of some top range but still remains an absolutely good level panel. According to motorola, the standard dci p3 should be covered, which we will obviously check during the review. The aspect ratio of 21:9 was thought to have a better performance in the vision of the cinematographic content that will then be reproduced without black bands.

6.7″ are not few, indeed, the encumbrance is important and the dimensions are overall quite challenging. Despite this, due to the very lengthy aspect ratio, the use at one hand is less difficult than expected. The finish of the metal frame and back cover, made of polycarbonate, is smooth but not too slippery.

The two actual cameras offer 64 and 16 megapixel sensors, with the first equipped with standard lens (equivalent 28mm) and the second with ultra-wide optics. The fourth element of the photo section is then a tof sensor, useful for improving accuracy and speed of focusing. However, you can still take 64 megapixels by activating the appropriate mode in the settings menu.

The first shots collected in these hours show a pair of cameras however able to take good quality photos in most conditions. In the evening, obviously, the night mode that contributes to the lack of light. The latter can only be activated by oando the main camera and therefore the advice is to limit itself to this optic for evening or night shots.

On these occasions I invite you only to pay attention to the focus that, compared to the daytime shots slows down enough. Top of range or not top of range? Pulling the sums is fair to ask whether or not to consider this bike g100 a real top of range.

At the end of the day there is almost nothing missing; I just wanted a quick charging a little faster and a stereo speaker. Yes, it is true, but motorola ensures that it has used a coating however water repellent. But is it a top of range or not?

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