Xiaomi continues to prepare the event of next March 29 that among the protagonists will have the next mix. You do not know yet if you will actually be the first folding of the Chinese manufacturer, but a certainty there is already: the smartphone will be equipped with an innovative camera characterized by a lens based on a liquid lens. The idea behind the solution is to replicate the functioning of the human eye capable of quickly focusing objects that are at different distances.

How it worksthe solution lies in the liquid lens, i.e. Waiting to evaluate in concrete the quality of the shots of an optical with fluid lens, for now it is possible only to take a look at the official video teaser that shows it in action. An alternative to retractable opticsto say that xiaomi has long been looking for the way to rationalize the camera modules of smartphones, reducing the number of objectives: in November last year presented the solution based on the retractable lens, also this able to assume various focal lengths.

The advantage of the fluid lens is that the change of the focal length does not result in the outflow of the lens from the smartphone’s shell (as is also the case in the compact camera,) just a more or less marked curvature of the lens.