Year after year it becomes increasingly difficult to determine when a previous top of the range becomes obsolete and exceeded, especially if we look at the premium band of the market or the devices designed for gaming. If you are looking for a gaming phone, in fact, does it make sense to evaluate a proposal from last generation to save something, without sacrificing the characteristics of this product category and an enviable technical card? Or even better: does it make sense to take into account a legion phone duel to today, with the legion 2 pro in the direction of arrival, the direct competition already present on the market with the most updated platform and the existence of devices particularly appealing on the relationship performance/price?

The answer is not discounted, as the premise “if you are looking for a gaming phone” is the basis from which to start to make sure to address the speech from the right point of view. Yes, because the question to keep in mind is “What is a gaming phone for? What differs from a normal device that equips a similar soc”?

The difference, never as in this case, lies in the details; not so much in what it is possible to do, when in how it is done. The technical sheet only tells part of the story and if you approach the segment in the hope of being able to buy a flagship killer you will be easily burned. The renunciations of gaming phonegaming phones, in fact, are often in all those aspects that are highlighted on traditional smartphones: the design, the photo section and – unfortunately – the software support in the long term.

Cameras and long-term support, on the other hand, fall into the most difficult aspects to digest, but which can hardly be solved for this category. Many pay it willingly, because not interested in this aspect, while for others it can be the main deterrent to purchase. The most uncertain, slow and glaring software support, however, is directly linked to the presence of many additional software devices dedicated to gaming experience.

Switching from one release to another requires a greater test and optimization work, which extends the time of development of the roms. If we add that the gaming phone – overall – represent a niche within the proposition of the main manufacturers, it is even more evident why the resources destined for long-term support are even more limited. A premise: Does a legion phone Duel make sense now?

All aspects that make us understand that yes, gaming phones also have a life outside the gaming industry, but that if you are looking for super complete products in every aspect, you have to look elsewhere. If however this is not your case and instead you want exactly this – a smartphone that offers unique features suitable for the game -, you are in the right place and yes, lenovo legion phone duel can be a valid proposal to take seriously into consideration. Are two elements that provide the context in which this is a sensible choice.

The first is given by the price, especially now that lenovo has brought the legion community in Europe, accompanying this event with the distribution of a promotional code that allows you to have 300 euros discount on the legion list directly from the official website. This means that the 899 euros for the version with 12gb of ram lpdr5 and 256gb ufs 3.1 of internal memory descend to 599. If you want, at 699 euros, there is the variant 16/512GB, but the advice is to stay on the base model and to save those 100 euros in favor of a more aggressive list.

For a recap we recommend a reading of the linked article to be followed). Gaming phone: what they have to offerTherefore, we have plenty of room for a product like this even nowadays, we try to find out what strengths of this category are and, in particular, how legion phone duel can offer real added value compared to a traditional smartphone with similar hardware. Over the years we have seen so many realities experimenting in this sector, For example, almost all smartphones designed for gaming try to overcome the main limit of using mobile games, i.e.

All reproduce at least one set of touch or hardware back triggers, in order to expand the possibilities of control and interaction with the game. In short, a second door is always very useful, especially if placed on the side. Important also the presence of a dedicated gaming mode, able to add value to the gaming experience.

This is a lot of small things that, if taken together, allow us to understand and define the added value offered by this niche market. We also add the best dissipation systems compared to the average, high capacity batteries, powerful stereo speakers, high-frequency display and touch detection, and here is the picture becomes complete: we have the iPhone gaming identikit. Legion phone duel: a full gaming phonebut let us come to the what are the features that make the duel a great gaming phone?

Titles like call of duty: mobile, league of legends wild rift, pubg and genshin impact manage to turn perfectly even to maximum details; but not only. Having a good playability after popping up the top graphic options is just a medal face; the other is to maintain the consistency of performance even over time. From this point of view legion phone duel behaves egregiamente, both thanks to the presence of a dissipation system that – if you are only playing – manages to keep the temperature of the device just over 40 degrees even after more than 1 hour of genshin impact to the maximum detail, with a frame rate often on the 60 fps.

Be clear, we are not yet on the 60 granitic fps, but the consistency of the result is definitely higher than many other devices. Option I always found marginal except in one case: streaming from smartphone. The orientation of the front camera makes sure that your face is framed perpendicularly and not on the side, giving a correct perspective to the captured image.

Anyway, how does streaming from smartphone behave? Well to be made by mobile, just acceptable if you consider quality in absolute sense. Temperature that can easily reach 50 degrees, leading to such a high consumption that the traditional charging system is not able to compensate for the discharge of the device.

To have the minimum priority is the front cam, whose frame rate is frequently lowered if power is required for other aspects of the stream. Obviously this remains an additional option compared to the possibility of taking advantage of the video output of the duel in order to capture the video and do the live from pc. There is also a complete block of notifications, volume and brightness management, and the ability to open some messaging apps in floating windows to respond to messages directly from the game.

To finish – since the smartphone has ocita video -, you can also configure the use of a controller or mooe and keyboard even on the games that do not support these input systems. All the features and peculiarities that make legion phone duel a great gaming phone are also helpful in everyday life and many of these keep themselves very well in this change of destination. The hardware equipment ensures that the Duel is a device always responsive and never hot (you feel the work of the dissipation system,) able to dexter in everyday use without ever showing any uncertainty.

Obviously lowering the update frequency will allow you to switch from having a satisfactory autonomy (between 6 hours and half/7), to a real battery phone. Lenovo was very attentive to the issue of battery and exploited to the best the presence of a second port ob, equipping legion phone duel of a double battery of 2,500 mah (5.000 mah total) that can be recharged using both connectors simultaneously. Lenovo declares that you can recharge your smartphone from 0 to 100% in 30 minutes and I must say that actual times are quite similar; 26 minutes to pass from 30% to 100%.

Among other aspects that convince us of the excellent aptical vibration allowed by the presence of a pair of linear actuators symmetrically arranged. In the everyday oo, however, the vibration gives satisfaction regarding precision and intensity. Absent the notification led, or rather, absent one of traditional type.

It is a very complete equipment that – combined with the excellent reception of the smartphone – guarantees excellent connectivity and – in optical 5g – a good longevity. To conclude we find two front speakers that ensure a very powerful audio and able to reach a very high volume, but it offers a slightly lower quality level than the other gaming phones directly rivals. Let us speak of details; the duel affects by volume and separation of the stereo channels, but you could make a thread more regarding the definition.

Finally, I would like to spend two words on the excellent construction quality of the whole terminal. We are talking about a nice 78,5 x 169,2 x 9.9 mm block and 239 grams, so not a compact feather weight. Also the trolley that manages the pop-up camera is incredibly solid and shows no uncertainty.

Legion phone duel IN’USO daily: the hairthe aspects that instead convince less concern – as it was obvious to imagine – the photo section and the general care of the software, in addition to the position perhaps a little too low of the fingerprint sensor. With regard to the software, the zui must still mature a lot, especially in the context of the Italian localization. Among the negative aspects, of course, could not miss the photo section, although – to say all – it is not a complete rejection.

For many the most problematic aspect could be represented by the curious positioning of the three cameras present on the smartphone, which invite you to take always keeping the device in landscape mode. In short, these are the classic shots already ready for social, but they can’t satisfy those who go looking for a more natural and realistic photo, on which maybe work later. The front camera from 20 megapixel f/2,2 (a samsung s5k3t1,) finally, produces good quality shots but still plagued by the presence of classic beauty filters.

In short, some of the functions inherited from gaming filters have been applied – in different form – to selfies. We take the sums: is it worth it? What about legion phone duel?

Without a doubt it is a solid gaming phone that strikes for the completeness of its gaming equipment and for the effectiveness of some hardware and software solutions. In evil, instead, we find the classic flaws of the category gaming phone, especially those strongly focused on the Asian market. At least not with an acceptable frequency.

Too bad that a desktop mode is missing. Legion phone duel is however a product centered for the niche to which it refers and that at the price of 599 euros for the variant 12/256GB undoubtedly appears a good competitor still very current. Obviously the positive judgment is valid only in reference to this price, since the launch of the next generation of gaming phone of lenovo is now imminent, so any figure higher than the promotional one (but actually the discount code does not seem to have expired) is better to invest it in a product just launched.

Vote: 8complete hardware equipment complete double type-C hardware that compensates for the absence of the dual type-C sound jack that compensates for the absence of the sound suite hardware/software centered for the gaming suite hardware/software centered for the excellent gaming autonomy excellent solid and well built sound of excellent sound level of excellent software not perfectly localized software not perfectly localized incognita updates (android 11 previewed to April/mage)